5 Jan, 2012

RADIOS: Motorola Solutions (the two-way radio company) has established a take-back recycling program to responsibly dispose of used Motorola radio equipment. We participate in this program.  If you do not have a recycling option in your community you can send the radios and/or batteries to our radio repair facility and we will take care of the disposal for you. FYI: Clearly mark it is “FOR RECYCLING”. Otherwise, it might end up in line for radio repair. ☺

CELLPHONES: Motorola Mobility (the cellphone company) offers recycling for old Motorola phones. You can get a free postage paid label at this link.

BATTERIES: RBRC accepts rechargeable radio/cellphone batteries for recycling, check for a RBRC drop-off in your area. Visit their website to find a location near you www.call2recycle.org.

Happy New Year! ~cl


Motorola Recycling!

26 Feb, 2010

Motorola has 3 current programs to recycle products they produce. The first one covers a variety of electronic items including 2-way radios. American Recycler magazine’s January 2010 issue has an article about the take-back recycling program. Plain and simple, Motorola 2-way radios can be returned to participating dealers for proper disposal. Another Motorola program Race to Recycle accepts cellphones (most any brand) for recycling. The cellphones are worth cash to participating schools.  If you do not have a local participating school you can still turn your old cellphones in at Delmmar and we will give them to a participating school. And the third recycling program is an ongoing battery recycling program. Rechargeable radio and cellphone batteries are sent to an authorized recycling center. These three programs are an effort to keep these electronic products out of landfills. If you’d like to dispose of any of the mentioned items, you can send them to Delmmar. We will get them turned in to the appropriate program. Mark the box “FOR RECYCLING”.

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